Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Friend

Say hello to my very own PSP 2000 !
1st you might think huh? psp 2000? why got the "2000"?
well this is the 2nd model, the slimmer psp, whereas psp1000 is a little fat.
there is a psp3000 which is coming out either in October or December not sure.
it has a better resolution, built in mic and some other stuff can't remember.
BUT battery finish FAST because of it's high resolution. battery can only last like 2hours?.
but not sure whether this is true or not. =/
i bought psp because.. well, first my ps2 spoil =.=
i already send for fixing like 3 time and still spoil again!
(the game shop in atria) their machine sux! but games are ok.
bought my psp in digital mall for only RM 870! darn cheap.
the RM870 includes, membership = "2 years free games, free upgrades", plastic protector, screen protector, earphones, 8 gig memory stick and of course charger and battery.
You go Atria they will sell the machine and 4 gig memory stick for RM 900+ =.=
super rip-off!
So I'm gana be bringing this with me to australia!
if I were to buy new ps2, the games there are original about 30+ Australian dollar, which is about RM80-100 (burn hole in pocket)
compare to psp, i can download the games and its much smaller too ^^

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My 19th Birthday

I'm now finally 19 years old....waa getting old!
28 September 1989
so anyway on my 19th birthday i went out with some friends to 1u .
went to this place called Wong Kok (chan chan teng) for lunch
and apparently birthday people get this MASSIVE Drink, Teh ice
just show them your IC and you can get it for FREE on your birthday!
compare with a normal cup size.
when i 1st saw it, my jaw literally dropped.

It even left Neoh speechless (the guy on the left)

How the heck am i suppose to finish this?!
of course i won't drink it alone la...
we all share.

Yeah if i can finish it all. XD
here comes our food!
This is cheese baked rice with Portuguese sauce.
looks funky....but nice..
it taste like curry too, but it is not spicy at all.

Girls surround the birthday boy haha..
Who is your daddy! (sounds wrong!) hahaha!

Group hug!

because I'm younger than them by only few months I'm like a little brother.

Guys turn, doing serious face.

now doing "la la" face

Now blur face

Again the girl Cam*hore non-stop
Ah yes birthday cake finally arrive!
Yes, that small little thing, but not bad la, it's nice.

=.= Michelle cannot resist but to put cake on my face!

That is gay man! hahah

So after lunch we walked around 1u girls looking at dresses as usual.
then after that we watched this show call "HALLOWEEN"
about this boy from the age of 10 went psycho and start killing people.
he was locked up in the asylum, but 15 years later he escaped and went on a killing spree!