Friday, May 23, 2008

Penang Trip Day 1

Getting ready for our trip!
all of us meet at jon's house.
2 drivers, 1 destination.
team 1
driver: ken-jon

Team 2
driver: Jon
Jovi preparing to look good for penang.

Almost there!!

Its a race between 2 teams!
1 goal! go go go!!!

Michelle got so scared! cause driving so fast (kidding)

Bridget was so tired, she had 4 cups of Chinese tea.Jon Knockout! after driving for hours.

macro shot of flower.

On the roof.
the view not bad.
jovy being emo. =p

on the 1st day already start swimming.
wah...not tired meh?
Mean time....the guys playing Wii.

Our 1st dinner in penang.

Then we had a little walk and played with bubbles.

I like the bubble pictures i took ^^

Went back, i wanted to try something...
walking on water!! and no this picture has not been photo edited


Night shot of the view.
That night we played Taboo.
loser will get their face marked by marker pen.
My team won!! lucky didnt kena...phew!
This guy number 1 big talker.
always say we lose.
because of that he kena the most. hahahha!
Bridget got the most obscene one.
because she always explain about obscene stuff when guessing the taboo.

Trying to wash it off.. and this is the result...

The losing team.
My team won! muahahah!
look closeler, 4 versus 5 leh and we still won. hahaha

Penang Trip Day 2

Okay day 3 need this tripod to do all the special pictures i'm about to take.
Beach time!!
Ultraman tiga, ultraman 80, ultraman seven!

i like this picture, darn nice!

apparently ken-jon lost

Crab! to take this picture, i had to be really move slowly, it runs like lightning!

AAhhh the fun times!

Coconut and the beach...
its like the starting of a new life..


Dinner time!
after dinner?
Burger!! darn greasy but nice!

After dinner?
play Wii...hahah

Wrote our Names in the air using torch light.