Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Days

Starting New Life in Australia Adelaide
left home on the 6 of Feb
spent 2 weeks with family in another apartment in the city before settling me in to my new place where i will be staying for the next 2 years.
skip the 2 weeks (nothing much happen)
my new room.
well since my sister has been in Adelaide for 2 years, its easier for me to make new friends and understand the place better.
My place is not bad, the uni is behind this building. (3 min walk)
The Magill Student Accomodation.
150 dollars a week
whole place is furnished, fan, tv, table, chair, bed, carboards, you name it..
staying with an Australian guy, name Chris.
He's a cool guy, 22 years old, doing education.
oh and he has 5 pet snakes in the apartment. (Pythons)
they are all baby snake.
4 bites, 1 is nice.
so anyway here is my place

My room

Thats the cage for the 3 pythons
next to my room
its not that we have no choice of picking a place to stay.
I really don't mind the snakes, heck, I like snakes.
although one of them bit me.
alot of people didn't stay here because of the snakes.
I am one of the very rare ones that don't mind haha

Oh by the way, you see that deer head?
My house mate hunts them.
and thats one of them.
the bottom of the TV used to be a cage for the Goanna ( big lizard)
which escaped on the 1st day there. sadd..
so now there are 2 new snakes in there.

This is a Goanna
3rd largest lizard in the world

His room is kinda messy

Overall view.

Final group shot of family

Playing with the snake
the nice one (non-bitey)

This one bites
House mate, handling the Goanna
Snake coiled around my hand

Foodland, where you can buy you grocery and home stuff
click on picture for better view
5 pictures into 1
sorry i try my best to fuse them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Farewell Party

Monday, 2 February 2009
I'm about to leave to Australia on Friday.
For those whom I did not invite I'M REALLY SORRY!
most likely because I don't have your number....or I forgot..
So..for those who missed out my party, this is what we did.
4pm some people arrived came to my room and hang out.
6pm went to hall play ps2
6.45 dinner!

Yee Sang time!

This is the time when everyone wish for something.
I'll try to remember what everyone said:
"David become big boy"
"Yvonne grow bigger things"
"Eng Eu become thinner"
"David get girlfriend!"
"Jovi become a boy"
and more I can't remember..

Munch* time!
Menu: KFC, Meehun, Hash brown, nuggets, Pizza, Lasagna

After eating, game time in the dinning room
Shaun: Ok Ok i bet 5 dollar!
just kidding..there's no gambling
My parents don't let any gambling in the house =/

Eng Eu and his perverted face, hahahah!
Eng Eu: Woo I got good cards...

Meanwhile upstairs hall...
Playing ps2 and Board games

Down stairs hall...

Taboo Mania
Gang Ming, Zhou Ming, Eric:
Hmm.....what is it...

That thing! That has this and that!

Aww...some people have to go home..
Those remaining....
More Taboo!!
Kena rape!

Mark trying to explain..

Eric's turn to explain, but everyone blur
just look at Hoong Kit and Zhau Ming's face

Wah too much Taboo..
Leg cramp!

Final Group Shot
Wah! Everyone molesting me! LOL

Everything ended at 11pm but there were 4 remaining who stayed until 1pm
Thanks Guys! for coming for my party!
this will be the last time I see you guys..
Its time for me to move on..
See Ya guys maybe in December 2009
I'll be back for holiday.