Friday, December 26, 2008

Proud Shots

Sorry for the late update..
I have been playing Persona 4
I really like this game, been waiting for it for over a year and its finally out!
and I have to finish the game before i leave to Australia.

So anyway, here are some shots which I took
I like them and i think they are pretty good la..
You be the judge.

Preying Mantis

Street lights with long exposure.

Putra Jaya fireworks
(there are alot more but this are the best i think)

Spider webs at my pond

Writing my name in the air


Water splashes

Sun behind the tower

Flower shots

The sky

The Moon

Night shots in NS

Nothing special..
i just think it looks kinda cool
microscope shots

Night shots in Sydney Australia

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Life in National Service

For those who are going to NS next year, have FUN!
let me show you my NS experience. These were taken after Chinese new year
i didn't bring a camera before then.
Location : Kelantan, Tuk Bali, Kisana beach resort
don't be fooled by the name "resort", its not at all.
National Service 2007
so I'm back after Chinese new year holiday, took Air Asia
cost about RM100, 1 hour ride home
if take bus, RM30+ 10 hours ridef
1st night, OK now girls... don't get turn on by these guys
who are having fun with shaving cream, lol
actually its the indian guy birthday, (omg! i forgot his name)

This is our hall and the stage, where we gather most night

the view from the stage
this is where we eat our meals, guys on the left, girls on the right (separated)
Sad... the guys can't sit with the girls, and hardly get to talk to them
if any guy is spotted with a girl, teacher will split them. LOL

Here are the obstacle course, not all are shown here.
which we did not even get to use them, because no permission from the higher level authority people.

Padang Kawad (Marching Field)

Our hang out spot, these are some of the guys

Guys dorm, mine is the 1st one.

My bunker!
bucket for toilet stuff, backpack for personal stuff (always lock it)
tissue at the side in case =p
and locker for clothes, strings, bands, more tissue, and other stuff

Guys bathroom/toilet
considered nice compare to other guys bathroom
that pool there is where you pour yourself with pails (not to dive in) lol
but sometimes can find mosquito larva in it, yuck*

I always use the cubicles to shower, private haha
shower on left, do business on right.
(Bring Your Own Toilet paper! they do not provide!)

our class rooms, CB (character building) they call it classes.

Where we clean our dishes

The food is not too bad
but some days it sucks.

Picture time, i was on the phone and YES I am BALD
the dorm teachers will take your cellphone on weekdays, weekend you can have it back


Spelling "NS"

This is our dorm mate, cuz his wall has a plugpoint and someone brought a extension court
kesian man.

Cash and Carry, buy stuff like slippers, junk food, hanger, battery, drinks, and stuff
the thing on the right is the burger store which only opens at night, and their burgers ROCK!
of course its not free.

Here is your mamak like store, if you don't like the canteen food you can come here order
nasi goreng, mee goreng, teh, milo (not free of course)

Blood Donation day

Bus broke down

Teaching us CPR
of all things a female dummy.
The mouth to mouth pic is not here ( 18+) XD

Me donating blood

ever heard of the song "stop and stare"?
so STOP AND STARE!! at the picture LOL
this needle not that painful, only a sting.

because numb i felt nothing, but as it went in deeper...ouch!

Woo looky!

Thats my bag of blood, A positive

I fused the picture 3 become 1
one of our days in class, or out class.

Suppose to make traditional hats or was it cultural hat?...

Character building class

Our teacher Cikgu Sue

Free time

Teaching us how to make a tent before our jungle night.

Jungle time, only one night

Serial killer
Name: David Hie
Reward: 1,000,000,000

HELP Me!!!
Im being attack by a stuff Gorilla!

Here are some night shots.
the sky there is absolutely beautiful, i have never seen so many stars in my life

The moon

That paddle is suppose to be our gun haha
practicing for performance.

A different character building class

Dressed up for performance

Next day, went to perform for Sultana of Kelantan
No, thats not us on the bike, they're some other performers

I am somewhere in there.
our skuad was selected to perform
we got num

Others had to do the pocho-pocho
a traditional National Service dance like thing
the song is really weird, but its actually not bad haha kinda fun

That baloon looks so Wrong
i think it's suppose to be a Blimp.

Ever heard of "Passionate Love"?
This is So Not It!!
it's fake of course

This is how elastic our pants are.

Every friday we go church.
its kinda weird, their weekends are friday and saturday.

Mini version of 1u
we bought some stuff there after church

Aaahhh our camp came out on paper!

Dorm members

Our canteen closed down (unclean)

Closing ceremony
can you find me?
I'm the bald guy (we're all bald) XD

Dorm teacher

Me and Wylu

From left: Kae mern, Ming, Sarah Jane, raymond, Marianne and me
dont know why must i look formal.

Final night
another performance of each race

Thats me behind the " Fiuyo Chinese" banging away
suppose to be "Fuiyo" misspell

The day we are leaving.

Of all the things!!
My phone Dropped in the Toilet Bowl!
had to save my sim card! so.....

This is a brand from a tooth brush
you heard of Oral-B
but Oral-Me?! thats wrong.

So yea thats what we do in National Service.
there are more things that happened but this is the short version.
too me NS was really FUN, no regrets
you are free from studies and homework, only thing to worry getting bashed up
just be good AND Do not get picked On! (not that i got picked)
they are only big and arragont in gangs, but in classes they are very quiet
So good luck for those going to NS, have FUN!