Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pets and what i used to have.

OK here are some pets I used and still have.
most of them are now gone,
yea you must think I'm a bad master heh...
some of these pets I used to have long long time ago.
by the way some of the pictures were taken from google

Ant farm (used to have)

Terrapin tortoise (still have)
Have 2 of them
grown quite big, bout the size of my fist.

Not sure what's it called, but we used to call it "sucker fish"
because it always sucks onto all surfaces
(used to have)

Prawns (still have them)
the kinds you can find in fish shops
got a few in my water feature
together with the gold fish, terrapin, guppy.

Long tail turtle (used to have)
died for some unknown reason, sad...

crickets (used to have)
dirty and smells, so got rid of them.

Praying Mantis (used to have)
it escaped while I was taking some pictures of it.

Bat (outsider)
this bat always hang at the same spot on my roof every now and then.

Spider (still have)
Making a home around my pond.

Big Red Ants (still have)
hangs around my garden.

Dwarf Hamsters (used to have)
I can't remember what happen to them.
long long time ago.

Hamsters (used to have)
I used to breed them summing up to 20+
sold some to pet shops
but in the end...we did not keep them

Guppy (still have)
In my water feature got a lot of them.

Grasshopper (used to have)
Behind my house used to have a lot, because of this special plant they like to eat.
so i catch few of them.

Gold Fish (used to have)
The cat makan the gold fish
the gold fish was in the water feature, and the water feature is outside.
Goldfish swim so slow. So now stop buying these type of Goldfish (fat ones)

Crab (still have)
I used to have 1 last time, but died.
This is the 2nd one.
I think 1st one died because drown while shedding it's shell.

Monkey (outsider)
One day found this monkey behind my house.
So I shot it with my BB gun. =P

Dog (used to have)
yea i cute!
we called him "rufus"
but my parents could not handle the everyday and night barking*
shitting everywhere
basically the maintenance la.
so we gave it away to someone.

Mouse (still have)
used to be my Bio experiment.
And no I did not dissect it.
each team member had one, and we fed it different things
then measure their weight.

Koi Fish (still have)
Though some of them were released to the kalana jaya pond
we had too many of them, needed room for others to grow
right now got...25 i think, used to have over 30

Star Tortoise (still have)
but sadly 2 died, don't know why.
they were expensive man! bout RM100+ each.
apparently they need to be sun every now and then.
I think that's why it died.
Now taking care of the last one really carefully, sunning it few times a week

Hermit crab (used to have)
all died, I think their environment not suitable
they are very sensitive..

Red crayfish (used to have)
used to have this long time ago.
Don't know why it died.

Blue Crayfish (used to have)
died also, i think died from old age
i had it for quite long, and it was as long from my wrist to my fingers

Angel fish (used to have)
Really long time ago.
Don't know what happen..
probably all died.

Fighting Fish (used to have)
had them same time as the angel fish.
Probably died also.

Gold fish (still have)
now these are the gold fish that can swim fast.
earlier I mention the other gold fish got eaten by the cat
these ones escaped from the claws of the cat.

Tarantula (used to have)
I brought it back from Port Dickson
fed it smaller spiders
but in the end died from starvation
could no longer found smaller spiders around my house XD
Had to be really careful, cause this thing is poisonous.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Shoe

My mum been bugging me to buy new shoes before I go Australia.
Yea, I'm leaving to Australia, Adelaide to study in UNISA
So anyway, I like my new shoes....though the price was a killer
RM 314 after 10% discount.
as you can see its Nike, Nike Free
Why RED? cause it is my favorite color =P
I think its a running shoe...but I'm going to wear as casual hhaha
and for some of you people who has something against it.
like.."why you buy those?!"
"What a waste of money!"
"You could have gotten something better for RM 314!"
well guess what? I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ALL THINK!
I Still Like Them!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The weird, strange, and funny

Sorry for the long delay
really don't know what to update..
so i'll just randomly put some strange and funny photos.
hope you get a laugh out of it.
until I get a proper story and posting, here are some random stuff