Thursday, February 28, 2008

Macro Shots

interesting shots 3

How many traffic lights do people need to know its red?
A tree in my college bleeds.

Some People are just blind.

Macro shot with camera.

Interesting shots 2

Cat sleeping on bike. heh

This car is being busted up by water from above.

Not only they are parking on the walking path, they all get ticket.

One whole row get ticket.

Flame on! in the curve.

interesting shots

Here are some interesting shots i took.

BAM! crash and burn!!

Watch your back dude.

Have you ever seen a more cheesier pizza?

So beautiful. Christmas in 1U

Sampahman on bikes!

Desperate for parking? Park on the divider!

Water of flame?

I have never seen a house number that is like this.

My car blocking my friend's car =p

some ants nesting in my friend's car.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

rubik's cube

I can now solve the cube within 3 minutes!!
YAY i'm so proud of myself =p
this a new cube, and a better quality one too.
easier to turn too!.
i didn't really record myself but i knowits 2 minutes+

Not like this one..
half way turning get stuck!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Williams anyone?

William's anyone?
So cool my friends design this T-shirt.
A few of us went to William's wearing it XD

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Master Piece

i Finally finish my VENOM!
This here is one of my best work!
Took me a few hours to complete it.
Though its only half the body.. =/



Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am finally able to solve this Rubik's cube!!
It took me i think....2,3 days to learn the method from youtube on how to solve it.
at 1st i only can solve one side only, but after the lesson from youtube i can solve the whole thing now hahahha!!
I can't solve fast though, it will take me about 5 minutes to solve the whole thing.
so far my record is 4 minutes.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Here are a few of my drawings that i'm proud of haha! =p
Take note that all the drawings here are not traced, they are all hand manual, with something to refer.

1st one is SUPERMAN!
i drew this inn....i think form 2
yea i know it looks kinda weird, but it was one of my best la.

The great golden Eagle.

After drawing these, i have not drawn for 4 years!
Don't know why...

OK the next few ones are SPIDERMAN related pictures.
And this is 4 years later after drawing the ones above..
Darn! i should have drawn on an art block instead of line paper..

This is the original picture i use to refer.
Looks different..darn!..

Next one is VENOM!
Not so nice cuz drawn with pen, can't rub the mistakes.
also i just draw this for fun, not serious about it.
Now this one is more serious drawing and its with pencil. Its still not complete..I'll update the complete one another time.

Original picture referred.

Ok this one also not so good, cuz its pen i gada stop drawing with pen.
Original picture

If you notice this is from Spiderman 3
Original picture.

So yea..May not be super nice, but I'm still proud of my work ^^
Hopefully I can improve my drawings in the future.

house pets 2

This was my Dog..Rufus!
yes, was my dog, he was given away >.<
Parents could no longer stand the barking, shitting, peeing everywhere.

Well this is a big spider outside of my house at the pond.
Big but harmless..

Another pet!
My tortoise.
This here is call a Indian desert tortoise, supposed to be from Indian desert itself.
Bought them about RM 100 each.
there was one..

Then 2 !!

Then 3!! hehe

Cute right! ^^
They look like ninja turtles..just one more missing...

Next one is my dads koi fish..
there are about....30 fishes in there..
Biggest one is about ....60cm or possibly longer.

Well thats about all the animals in my house haha
See ya!