Sunday, November 16, 2008

HELP, ADP Ball 2008

ADP Ball 2008, HELP Uni.
Theme: Godfather.
yea it was fun.. i did not sleep that night
here's what happen,
8pm to 12 am prom
12 - 1 after party Clubbing
1 - 3 am movie at pavilion, James Bond
3 something to 5am mamak
5 - 6 talk in hotel
then go home, bath, sleep at 7am
woke up at 3pm

here are the pictures from Prom,
i won't go into detail,
the picture speaks for itself,
so there's no need for me to explain much.
I couldn't resist haha..

OK cameras all set!


Ho! caught in act! you sneaky guy!

The 1st victim t be called out.
Chloe and Kok Chywn

2nd Victim, Anastasia and Jovi

ADP director

1st performer by Maksim or is it Maxine? (not sure the spelling)
Here comes to Food!! Hungry!
My table, not sure what i was doing...looks like blowing something

orang sesat in this picture
can you find him?
everyone is wearing formal,
suddenly this guy in blue on the right is wearing a T-shirt =.=

Chloe: oooo...I got Kok Chywn's jacket, so nice and warm!
Kok Chywn: Mmmm... I like the sup...
Qing Han: What is this!?
Oh Oh! this band rocks wei..
Among all the performers, this guys are the best.
the singer has a good voice too.
harmonicaOK time to take pictures!
Dude! wake up man!
Lucky draw time.

These guys are not bad too
A lot of break dance, chinese style.

Look at that man

Best dress
Our Bio teacher ahhaha!!
Stone there, lol!
i suppose its best if he did not do anything,
don't want to give people the wrong msg ..
Kesian Neoh, have to take off his top

Picture time
All of the pictures are not taken by me
i didn't bring my camera.
so yea there are some random shots of people.

Prom King and Queen
they had to to some

Well, there were actually more things they had to do
but i won't cover that, may be private for some people.
If you want to see its in facebook.
Rizuan and Kath is the Winner!

Party time! Dance Floor open for dancing.
Techno style!
Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves.