Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i'll continue with the other picture another time, cause my line keeps disconnecting..

House pets

Here are some animals that are living in my house.

!st one hermit crabs!
i bought this little guys in 1u, this one right here cost RM5 each.

And this big guy here is RM10. All of them eat fruits, and drink salt water, no ordinary salt water, must be sea salt water.

But there comes a time where all living things must die....and this is what it looks like without the shell.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

NS experience

I know its kinda late, but what the heck.
Here are some NS pics.

Ok lets start of with my dorm. Can anyone spot me?

These here are the guys dorm, the girls dorm are all the way somewhere else..

Lets have a look inside shall we?
The inside of my dorm.
Each dorm consist of around 36 people, and each dorm are distributed with even amount of malays, indian and chinese..

Ahhar! this is my bed right here...clean right? =p
The room temperature day time..super super hot, night time super super cold.

My banana gang, well i suppose we were quite close during the camp, but all that has change when camp was over =(

This are my guy gang i usually hang with..
Pity this guy man...someone brought an extension court and also the closest wall that has a plug point.
Oh yea, this is the guys toilet..
you can see there are tubs, some guys bath naked beside it, BLEK*

This place is where we do our marching. Everyday is very very hot.. i got a super sun burn until my dad almost could not recognize me when i came back.

If you look closely it's "NS"

oh this..heh
during our jungle night, where we had to sleep in the jungle, got nothing to do so....

Here's some advice...in NS, it is lifeless without music..
It is a must! to bring mp3 or ipod...
Name: David Hie
Be careful serial killer on the loose.

My tent..
very uncomfortable..When i came back i had put 2 layer of soap, cuz i smell like smoke...
was playin with fire the whole night =p
It is a rare opportunity to talk and hang with the girls =p
i just thought it looks funny, so i posted this.
If you read the news papers..this is my camp..
Okayy... this is so wrong..i bought this tooth brush in one of the stores in Kelantan..

Of all the things in the world, i have no idea why they have a female dummy to practice CPR.
Thats me donating blood...A positive blood type.
Another free time, so we decided to have some fun. We rarely have free time.
This is during my "CB" character building class , and this is one of those days.
Here are some scenic shots i took from NS..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Australia, Adelaide pictures.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Adelaide, Australia .

This Is from the Christmas night in the park. It was so cool! And there was aaalloott of people, easily around.....50,000 people.

Don't know why, but there were chipmunks dancing, hahaha

Some Fireworks display after the event.

Look at all the sausages, there are 4 different types here. Looks a little gross, but its dam nice!
1 meal like this can serve to 2, 3 people.

You cannot escape from the hands of David..

You're mine!!! MUNCH*

No idea what tower is this, but looks cool right?

This is one odd display. I don't see the point of having this, but its interesting alright. lol

There are more pictures from Australia but....lazy to post =p
too many pictures.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Yea...thats my phone alright. I just finish planting bomb in the toilet and my pants were hung over the door. So i grab my pants, suddenly! plop* the phone from my pocket pants went all the way down to the bowl =.= .
i could see the lights blinking in the water. It was like ultraman's light on the chest blinking when he's losing. Its like saying "save me!"
But i had to save my sim card!! all my numbers are there!
My friend was there with me, but he was not much help =/
He's the one who took this picture.
This happen on the last day of my NS camp!! what man!

After that incident i got a new phone when i came back from NS!!
This is now my new K800i, i love this phone, but don't like the joystcik =/
When i got this phone, it feels special, but now so many people got this phone already!
And that Nokia came up with the N95, 5 megapixel camera phone!!! Dam you nokia!
And also 3.2 megapixel are becoming standard in phone camera. =_=
No longer special already....=/