Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have not been posting for a long time,
Don't really know what to post, soo....
here is what I do for self entertainment =p
My PS2 is back home in Malaysia and it is busted =.=
so no point for me to bring to Australia.
instead, I play games on my PSP.
some really old games, ps1 games on my PSP
Those were the days when PS1 were popular and Digimon game too!
haha it is still fun to play even though these are old games.
so here are some pictures what what I'm currently playing on my PSP.

Digimon World 1

Digimon World 2

Digimon World 3

Digimon Rumble Arena

Oh this is the new Pokemon game that just came out
Pokemon Platinum
It is similar to Pokemon Pearl and Diamond,
but I think there are a lot of extra stuff added into the game.
Hope will be fun =p
Will play it soon on my computer with my Nintendo DS, emulator

Monday, May 11, 2009

Buying PS2

To all readers back home in Malaysia,
I want to buy a PS2 from anyone
It has to work of course and in good condition.
big or small version, does not matter.
Let me know in MSN
and offer your price.
I just need the machine only, not the controls or wires
Oh I'll be back in Malaysia in December to collect it if I have a seller.
Why I want a PS2 you say? instead of ps3?
because PS3 is too expensive and the games are super expensive.
plus the PS3 machine is huge. Like 2X bigger than the big PS2
plus I want to bring the ps2 to Australia and play.
PS: Your PS2 will be tested before I buy it from you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photography outing

We had Photography outing in the Botanic Garden in Adelaide
A few of us camera geeks haha
have some fun taking pictures of nature
Note: All pictures here are taken by me with no photoshop enhancement.
so these are the shots I took with my camera, G7 canon.
quite a good camera, but soon i would like to change to SLR camera.


Tim trying to get picture of duck haha.


Tiny little flower

Mini Durians everywhere

Well.. they are not durian, but they sure look like it.

Tree with reflection

Old Autumn

Drinking fountain

Tree Roots


Taking the bee picture with the flower is tough.
took quite a while to get the right shot.
they keep flying away.

Look like those mystical trees in fairy tails.


Autumn leafs

Nothing special, took for fun.

Huge tree

Well thats about it,
there are actually more, but these are the nice ones.
others are blur and bad angle.