Friday, March 6, 2009

Adelaide Hills Trip

Adelaide Hills Trip
went to the top of Adelaide (really cold)
then went to Cleland Wild Life park

AAH!! My Foot is stuck!

Wild Life Park

I promise you that this frog is not fake!
it looks so fake, but its real.

Big cicak

Tasmanian Devil

Kangaroo time


Some kind of big bird.

Little Joey in pouch!
so cute!

ZzzZzzz Snore*

Tonight's Dinner



Can you spot me? lol
so obvious =p

It looks dead.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Snakes Shedding

Man it's so hard to get the picture when the snake strikes
i had to do many many many attempts to get them.
so here are some picture of the snake striking and of it shedding it's skin.
By the way, this snake is not his.
My house mate is just holding it for few days for his friend.

Lol i collect them

House mate peeling skin off.

See the color difference?

House mate
Chris Long

Me with snake.