Saturday, April 18, 2009

OCF easter camp

Sorry guys
long time no post, been busy.
anyway I had 2 weeks of holiday and the 1st day of holiday we had the OCF (overseas christian fellowship) Easter camp!
4 days and 3 nights, it was really fun.
Theme: Focus
I was camp photographer for camp
and all the pictures you see here were taken by me.
There are actually a lot more pictures but i had to cut down, too many.
less talk more pics.
1st day.
waiting for bus to take to the city and meet at Uni Adelaide

All gathered outside of University of Adelaide.

Not like back home we have the big big bus
here we only have those small bus like a van =/

?!?! wrong toilet!

Sound system check..

"make sure everything is prepared.."

All gathered in the hall

Some announcement.

Grabbing our name tags

My group for Bible study, games, devotions and talent time.

Each group had to make up a cheer.

Alamak picture is wrong side..

Camp booklet

To the canteen!

We had something similar to "Subway"

During the day we had games.
I didn't take pictures cause I was involve..
so skip to dinner.

Is it that bad?

Accidents happen when you don't know how to handle a dish washer..

People eating outside.
So dark!

After dinner, brownies!

That night, worship

Our guest speaker, Aunty Marilyn (I hope i spelled correctly)

Day 2
Next morning! worship again

Bible study

BGR (boy girl relationship) workshop

I'll try to remember some of the suggestions the girls made of an ideal guy.
- Good heart
- Easy on the eyes
- Responsible
- Caring
- Man of God
and more... can't remember..

Now the suggestions the guys made.... its kinda embarrassing, the guys were not serious..
- Nice legs
- Can cook
- Hot and pretty
and more things related to physical aspect.

Group Photo of camp!
all... I think 120 people..

UNISA people!

Wild Animals caged!

Wild Animals trying to escape!

More people taking pictures
look at that pose lol.

I kinda like this picture, looks like time is passing by really fast.

This is one of the features in my camera
where you can select a particular color and the rest is black and white.

Dinner time
this guy rajin doing assignment.

some veggies, chicken and buns

This group playing a game involving skittles

Washing up

Selling some stuff for charity
food, gift cards, drinks and others

Ei! Kazu eating the product!

Some guys talking in the toilet lol

Helping Aunty Marilyn.
she has a injured ankle can hardly walk by her self.

Praise and worship

Day 3
We had 2 salvation!
William and Nicole

Bible study then eat snack

Workshop this particular one is "Discovering Christ"
talks about the cults and stuff

Aunty Lynn our speaker for that workshop

What's with the wig?
its about the what is fake and what is real.

Some one drew on his arm.

Talent time. Each group had to act out the character of our group name
my group is Moses.
there are other teams like Joseph, David, and more characters from the bible.

Our Final night in camp..sad..

After session.

Some people sleep in the hall, some in bunkers (dorms), some in gym/basket ball court

Sleep late that night and having fun.
This guy here lost a game, so have to do something.

Every night was freezing!
I like temperature went down to 5 to 10 degrees.
trying to take pictures of bubbles... but not that nice =/

You know what is this?
It's my breath haha
It is so cold that you can see your own breath.

Took picture of the stars and the moon..
so nice....
Malaysia you can't even see stars like here..

Time for some night shots!
Once again writing/ drawing in the air using torch light.



A heart and the name Jesus inside..
tried my best to draw that but it was hard and I was freezing!

Bouncing lights

Oh, the I did not sleep for the last night of camp
With 4 other people.
Me, fish, Edward, Caleb and Doreen
we stayed up all night

And it was freezing!!
my hands, my nose were numb.

You know the show Lion King?
when the sun rised the music started like "baaaaaaaa!!"
but we didn't go "baa" we went "yaaaa!!"
the whole morning "YYAAAA!!"

Blur face.

All of us "Yaaaa!!"

Oh yea I think Amanda also did not sleep, but she was in the canteen.
She could hear our "yaa" and we were really far away. So she joined us haha
The 5 that did not sleep! plus Amanda (the girl next to me)

Crazy pose


That morning, everyone heading to the gym/ basketball court

Like a commander heh..

After some talking, we prayed for the committee members
great job guys for making this camp a success.

Time for Testimonies.
There were more people who came up to speak, but I did not post here.
sorry =/ too many pictures to post.

Everyone hold hands and pray.

Okay! pack-up and go home!

Bye bye!!

Go back to Uni Adelaide

Sleep ZZzzz
Caleb finally had his sleep after not sleeping with me and the others.

time to go home... byebye...

But some of us are hungry! Hunt some food!

"Hungry Jacks" it is the same as "Burger King"
But in Australia they call it "Hungry Jacks"