Monday, July 13, 2009

Learning Guitar

I just picked up an instrument
My mum has been bugging me for years to learn an instrument.
I have tried to avoid it last time.
Finally, learning guitar is something I want to learn and not forced on me.

anyway, I have no background music at all.
so starting from ground zero it tough.
I had some friends to teach me a bit of the basics,
but currently I'm self learning, so its tough too =/
Oh, I bought this guitar for 271 dollars, Yamaha Brand
comes with 3 picks, a stand, kepo, pipe tuner, strap.
it's like a beginner package, not bad..

After a few weeks practicing and learning,
my fingers start to become rough from pressing the strings.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snakes, snakes, more snakes and a lizard

Wonder how snakes are fed at my place?
here are some pictures

This snake is about 6 foot long..
First you entice it, wiggle in front of it.

After he snatches it, just watch the action


Now for baby snakes we feed them baby mouse.
like new born size .

This is a darwin snake about 4 feet long.

Baby jungle python

can you count how many snakes are there here?
answer: 3


You can see the eyes are murky.
It is about to shed soon.

Here are pictures of it shedding.
Its not about to bite or yawning.
it is stretching its face, so that the skin on the head can come off.

The skin

After shed.
look at the eyes, so clear.

This is a baby Goanna lizard
adult size is about...4, 5 foot? or even longer.. not sure..
belongs to my house-mate's girlfriend.
we kept it for a while.
this little guy is really aggresive.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

City of Adelaide

After my video shooting for my assignment, me and my teammates went up to the hills to take pictures of the city.
Because one of my teammate lives up the hills, so we thought of going higher.
here are the shots i took
night shots are tough to take
might be little blur.

This is a combination of 3 pictures i fuse using photoshop.
Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Good Bye Mate

(Man! I need a hair cut)
Some of you may know or not know
this is my housemate Chris
He just shifted out in June
Its been fun at times
It was fun having the snakes around
cool pets, but boy the enclosure stink when they poop.

I'll See ya around mate!
It was great having you as a housemate!
hope we could catch up.